Our Parish

St Nicholas Catholic ChurchSt Nicholas Primary School is a Catholic School. The Catholic ethos permeates every part of our day where ‘religion’ is not just a catechetic lesson, but the theme by which we run our school using the values within the Gospels. Additionally, each child enrolled takes part in daily Religious Education.

Our Parish Preist works closely with the staff and parents to ensure the children at St Nicholas Primary School receive a well planned, sequential and comprehensive Religious Education.

Our School Religious Education Co-ordinator, Mrs Renee Dunst (rdunst@arm.catholic.edu.au) is always available for parents to talk to and to answer any questions and to ensure that St Nicholas Primary School does live up to its commitment of spreading the Good News.

  • Prayer
  • School Masses
  • Infant’s Liturgy
  • Family Masses
  • Pastoral Care
  • Mini Vinnies

St Nicholas Primary School aims to ensure a safe, caring Christian environment which enhances the personal development of all students. When a child is enrolled at St Nicholas School, the care and guidance of the child are of utmost importance.

  • Self Discipline
  • Self Esteem
  • Respect
  • Acceptance

More Information: https://stnicholasparish.org.au